Friday, February 20, 2015

Once again, I need to post so that my blog doesn't close on me.  I'll just show some of the highlights from this past summer and fall

First things first, this beautiful little girl turned 8 and chose to be baptized.  She was so excited...and nervous.  But she was ready.  We practiced being baptized for about a year before hand because Buggy was so nervous to do it.  Practice paid off but I still think that if she had to have been dunked again, she wouldn't have gone for it.  

Her and her hero before the baptism.

One quick little moment I want to share.  After she got baptized, her and I were in the locker room drying her off and getting her dressed again and she got really quiet all of a sudden.  I asked her what she was thinking and she said, I wish my Mommy in heaven could have been here.  I was so touched by this little statement and with tears in my eyes I told her that her Mommy in heaven wouldn't have missed this day for anything.  I told her that I knew for a fact she was right there, watching her be baptized and that she was just as pleased with Buggy's decision to be baptized as I was.  She got a little teary eyed herself, gave me this huge hug and told me, "Thank you Mommy!"

A big change this year, we moved to a new home.  We are still renting but it was time for a change for us so we moved to a new place.  We love the home, not so much the neighborhood but it is a just for now place anyway.  We fit a lot better and we are grateful to have it.

This crazy crew started school in the fall.  We have Boo, age 13, started 8th grade.  Buggy, age 8, started 2nd grade.  Bubba, age 7, started 7th grade.  Hammy, age 5, started Kindergarton.  They were excited and ready to start school again.  So was I!  :)

Not much else to share.  We had family pictures taken this December and this is the result.

Boo, age 14

Bubba, age 7

Hammy, age 5

Buggy, age 8

Midget, age 2 (turned 3 the next week)

Sure love this bunch.  I'll try and do better about blogging, I enjoy letting others know just what this crew has been up to.  Lots of Love, The Wolfpack!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just a quick note, so that my blog doesn't get shut down.  Just realized today that I haven't posted in here for over a year...where does the time go.  That's one of my many goals is to start posting again.  But, let's be honest, not always do we get done the things we want happens and plans change.  But here's hoping to being able to make a post or two in the next day or so.

Lots of love, 
The Wolfpack!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

School starting...and misc. pictures thru the summer!

Midget...reading books...again.  She absolutely loves to read, doesn't matter what kind of book!  She's going to be just like her sister's, love those books! :)
 Boo and her friend doing hair and makeup...silly girls.  Actually I think the file I have of them is titled "Crazy Girls."  Totally fits here.
This is what is known as Midget's "Squishy Face!" 
 Our neighbors have this Texas Longhorn cow and I guess it's one of those really smart animals.  It gets out of their fence all the time.  One day we happened to notice her walking down our road!  Scab was SOOO excited because this is one of the animals he wants so bad.  The funny thing is that the people live on the hill that is just behind and above Scab's shoulder.  She had traveled that far.  He loved having her in the yard for awhile that he asked if I could take pictures! :)
 First time I was able to put a pony-tail in Midget's hair, I was so excited!
 Midget absolutely LOVES to cuddle with her Daddy while she's sleeping.  He often complains about not getting any sleep because she is sleeping up under him.  She even goes as far as to tuck her head into his back and then put an arm and a foot up on top of him.  It's pretty cute.  I just was lucky enough to get a picture! 
 First day of school!!  They were SOOO excited.  Boo is headed to 6th grade, final grade in the Elementary.  Buggy and Bubba are headed off to Kindergarton.  Since we held Buggy back one year, her and Bubba will always be in the same grade.  We will just always ask that they have different teachers.  They enjoy getting to see each other throughout the day though!
 Hammy also started school this year, Preschool.  He goes twice a week and he gets picked up and dropped off by a bus, which he loves!!  He is doing so well.  He doesn't care to play with the other kids too much yet.  But all the teachers love him so much that they fight over who gets to work with him for the day.  Doesn't surprise me at all!
So that leaves Midget home with just Mom and sometimes Dad.  Luckily she does really well at entertaining herself.  Sometimes she actually prefers not to play with anyone else. 
Once again, stay day I just might get caught up to the present! :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Reunion

We had a couple family reunions over the summer.  I forgot my camera both times of course...but these are pictures I got from the Baker/Hepworth/Haderlie family reunion.
My sister and her husband own a business that does things like bounce houses, mechanical bull, dj, casino night...all sort of things.  It's amazing.  While we were there, they set up a big bounce house/obsticle course for the kids and the mechanical bull.
 Hammy DID NOT care for the mechanical bull!!
 Bubba loved it so much that they kept having to yell at him to wait his turn.  As soon as someone was off, he would run up there, even if he just finished.  He had a ball.
Buggy wasn't too sure of it.  They went REALLY slow for her because she was so nervous.  But eventually she figured out that it was fun!
 Boo got thrown off...a few times.  She had a blast!
Midget was hogging the camera.  All of these pictures came from Grandma... :)
This is what we call her Squishy Face!
 Shock, surprise...terror!! :)  Too cute!
 Family pictures we had taken while we were there.
Different one.
Midget couldn't handle it anymore.  She was SOOO exhausted by the time we were done taking all of the family pictures that she just crashed right on her Daddy!  I think he enjoyed it a little, don't you!?!
Hope to update more later.  Stay tuned!

June & July 2012 - Please bear with me

I promise, I really do have good intentions of posting all the time, but life is so crazy...or when it's quiet, I take advantage and let it be quiet.  So, it's my fault that it's been too close to a year since I last posted on here.  But, better late than never.  I figured this would be a good project while I listen and enjoy General Conference this weekend.  So, we're going to start where we left off and in the next two days, I hope to have everyone caught up, which means LOTS of posts.  :)
This is how we celebrated Mommy In Heaven's birthday last year.  We made cupcakes and put a candle in one for each of the kids and let them blow out her candles.  We sang Happy Birthday and we talked about her and finished by watching some home movies with her in them.  I hope the kids enjoyed it!
This is what happens when we miss naptime in our house sometimes.  Hammy went to go play, I didn't hear much for awhile, decided to go investigate and this is what I found! :)  Poor guy!

Midget's first time eating baby we've come a long way since then! :) 
Needless to say, she LOVED it!  I never really struggled feeding her baby food.  She thought it was great...all except the meats though.  But I don't know of any baby that'll eat that stuff.

The kids we're moving Bubba's mattress into the girl's room so that they could all have a sleepover in there.  This is what happens when you ask them to accomplish things like this! :)

Midget absolutely LOVES to read.  Right now her diaper bag has a few toys, but mostly books.  She enjoys it so much.

Hammy's 3rd birthday...can't believe it!  He was so little when I joined the family and here we were enjoying his 3rd birthday.  That box he is opening up right now was FULL of all different kinds of cars.  He was so excited when he opened it up.  He dumped them all on the grass and looked at each individual car.  Then for the rest of the time, I had to convince him to come open the other gifts.  He'd open one and then run back over and play with those cars.  It was so funny!
Here's his birthday cake...totally fitting!

 Happy Birthday Hammy!
 Scab's 34th birthday...that's about what it was! :)  Love you babe!
 Funny faces in the mirror!
 She loved talking to that other baby.
 Bubba and Buggy's birthday...we try not to do too many things for them together, to let them have their own days.  But it's so hard to get all the family together twice in a 2 day period.  But this one was fun because Bubba's face says it all...their gift was so worth it!
They both got new bikes for their birthday!  They were SOOO excited!!
 Happy Birthday Bubba and Buggy!!  Sure do love you both! :)
 One day during last summer we went and played in the river at a place called "The Hog Hole."  This was a place I went swimming as a kid.  There's a rope to swing on and drop in the water and it was perfect for the kids to wade in.  Bubba found it a great time to chill and relax and soak up the sun! :)  We didn't get anymore pictures because about 5 minutes later, I realized that my wedding ring was missing!!  I had lost it in the river somewhere.  I was devastated to say the least!  We left after looking for it for about 45 minutes.
This was some deer we saw going over to Bedford one day.  Both of them still had their velvet was pretty cool.  They weren't too far from the road so we got a good look at them.  The kids loved it.
So that's a little update.  Stay tuned...there will be more! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

May...better late than never

Life is just too crazy!!  But here's some of our life...
 Kids riding Aunt Cassity.  She makes a fun horse.  They sure love their aunt!  Thanks for playing with my kiddos Cass.
 Midget visiting with her Daddy
So Scab and I took a trip up Greys River in May just to see if we could get clear up to Murphy Lake.  On our way out, in the camping spot that Scab's family has always camped, right off the road was an elk.  We stopped and took pictures.  There were pictures that were closer but fuzzy.

 This was Midget's first trip up there as well, we took her because we couldn't leave her behind.  She did SOOOO well.  She sat in her carseat majority of the time just looking around and enjoying the scenery!  But when we got her out to eat, afterwards she sat with her Daddy for a minute and just jabbered at the trees out the window!  It was cute.
 That's my husband...picture says enough! :)
Ok, the kids like to play dress-up a lot in our house...some more than others.  Bubba seems to be the one dressed up the most.  Dad's a little worried about that because it seems like he's dressed more like a girl than anything else.  It's still cute though.
A cute bride!
 A little girl with hair pulled to the side!  :)
Dad shouldn't be too worried because here he is as a cowboy.  They were saying "Yeehaw!"
 Buggy dressed as a princess. 
 Boo as a bride.
 I hadn't realized that I'd never got a picture of Midget in the tub so here is one.  She LOVES her baths.
One of our Secret Santa gifts we got was this "Fudd" hat for Midget. So of course we had to get a picture of her in it while it still fit!! :)

 Pretty rainbow we had after a crazy rainstorm.  The pictures are pretty cool though.  You can see the dark gray behind the rainbow and then you can see the sunshine coming from the other side.  It was beautiful to say that least! :)

 Midget playing in her crib.  She loves to sit up and see what's going on.
 Check out the black eye I gave her.  Went to get her out of her bouncer and hit her toy and it popped her in the eye.  I felt so horrible.
 Cheesy kids!
Enjoying a picnic.

I'll try and get June posted here in the next day or two!  Thanks for keeping up with our family.  We're constantly on the move!